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Dog Bite Prevention Week

Why Dogs Bite and How They Warn us Why do dogs bite? There are several possible reasons why a dog may bite a child: The dog is protecting a possession, food or water dish or puppies. The dog is protecting a resting place. The dog is protecting its owner or the owner's property. The the child has done something to provoke or frighten the dog (e.g., hugging the dog, moving into the dog's space, leaning or stepping over the dog, trying to take something from the dog). The dog is old and grumpy and having a bad day and has no patience for the actions of a child. The dog is injured or sick. The child has hurt or startled it by stepping on it, poking it or pulling its fur, tail or ears. The dog ha

Trusted Choice supports "No Voice, No Choice." Helps End Animal Cruelty is proud to support the efforts of the new “No Voice, No Choice” campaign by Animals Asia, an organization that helps prevent animal cruelty. Animals Asia has rescued more than 400 bears, caring for them at its award-winning bear sanctuaries in China and Vietnam. “Independent insurance agents" serve as stewards of their community,” says Chip Bacciocco, CEO of “The Animals Asia ‘No Voice, No Choice’ campaign is a worthy cause we’re happy to support.” ​By partnering with celebrities such as Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Animals Asia and are able to reach a broader audience with this important message.

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