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Five Money Moves to Make Right Now to Overcome Your Biggest Financial Worries

Eight out of 10 Americans have at least one big worry about their financial future due to the pandemic, according to a new nationally representative survey by Newsweek and LendingTree. Among their greatest fears: not being able to retire on time—if at all now; not being able to find or keep a job that pays well; and how long it will take them to dig out of the financial hole the pandemic and resulting economic downturn has put them in. "For lots of us, the pain of uncertainty has become almost intolerable," says Plano, Texas financial planner Gretchen Behnke. There is no denying that there is a lot to be stressed about these days when it comes to your finances—double-digit unemployment, dwin

Why are Umbrella Rates on the Rise?

Rising loss costs have affected auto rates across the industry, and umbrella rates are facing similar trends. Many carriers are responding by restricting coverage, but Safeco continues to offer a true umbrella product with useful coverages like internet libel, personal defense and worldwide liability. While COVID-19 may have resulted in a short-term decrease in miles driven, we expect miles and claims impacts to return to normal in the near future. Because umbrella claims tend to stretch over longer periods of time than other personal lines claims, it's important to consider long-term trends and data even in times of short-term fluctuation.

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