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Meet Our Team

Moores Insurance stands for EXCELLENCE.  Our team is tasked with a very difficult job and that is to match you with the perfect coverage for your lifestyle and your budget.  We make it our mission to make sure we put you first when it comes to the protection you need for you family and your life.  Ask us any question.  We promise to give you 100% no matter what.

Dennis Moore
Owner / Agent

Founded in 1971, Moore's Insurance and Investments is a fourth generation family business. Our agency currently serves Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri, Arizona, and California.  Dennis knows every facet of the business and has earned the trust of thousnands of people over the years.

Michelle Moore

Proud to be part of the family business, Michelle (or Shelly as most of us know her as) had taken a stong lead in how things are done at Moores Insurance.  She brings knowledge and carisma to the team and is always seeking invative new ideas to help the family business and insurance/investing as a whole.

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