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HOARDING: IT'S NOT JUST A TV SHOW A Growing Problem Hoarding is the compulsive act of collecting a large amount of possessions that can consume a living space and cause many dangers for the homeowner. Risks from hoarding include fire hazards, liabilities, structure damage, obstruction of emergency pathways, offensive odors and health concerns. Fire hazards: excessive flammable materials including old newspapers, plastic and trash increases the likelihood of a fire starting and spreading much faster than it otherwise would without excess material everywhere. Liabilities: trip hazards occur in hoarding situations where the homeowner or emergency crews stumble/trip amid many possessions. Too mu

Pothole Pitfalls

Potholes got you down? We understand. After this past winter’s severe weather, many motorists are experiencing costly vehicle damage from potholes. A survey conducted by Trusted Choice® and IIABA found that from 2009 to 2014 half of car owners experienced damage to their vehicles as a result of potholes. The survey also found that 31% of car owners who reported pothole damage to their vehicles filed a claim with their insurance company, but a surprising 65% of respondents who needed repairs said they (or a third party) paid out of pocket for the vehicle to be fixed. As millions of Americans encounter potholes as the rough winter wraps, Trusted Choice® agents urge drivers to be cautious now.

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