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Why Football Fans Should Have a Personal Umbrella Policy Fall means football, and that means

Fall means football, and that means fans are getting together in living rooms and backyards everywhere to cheer on their favorite team – and maybe engage in a good old game of backyard football.

Time out. What happens if your friend dives for a catch and ends up in the hospital? Or a neighborhood kid takes a tough tackle and suffers a serious injury? Unfortunately, a friendly scrimmage can sometimes result in expensive hospital bills and potential lawsuits.

That’s where a Personal Umbrella Policy comes into play. With proper underlying coverage in place, a personal umbrella policy increases overall liability coverage with an extra layer of protection beyond what’s covered by homeowners and auto insurance policies. A low-cost personal umbrella protects you and your families from hefty judgements stemming from catastrophic lawsuits.

Don’t fumble with the fallout from an accident on your property. Score a personal umbrella policy so you have the coverage you need – for football season and beyond.


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